Yellow Emperor`s Classic of Internal Medicine - Dr. Yuan Xiaolin (NUTCM)

Welcome to the course on The Huangdi Neijing (The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine).  This is one of the fundamental texts of Chinese medicine, and this lecture should benefit both TCM practitioners and students.

Dr Yuan holds a PhD in the clinical foundations of TCM, and lectures at Nanjing University of TCM. She has a deep passion for Chinese Medical Classics and her speciality is the Huangdi Neijing and the Shanhan Zhabing Lun. In this course Dr Yuan introduces one of the most famous Chinese Medical Texts: The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor the Huang Di Neijing.  

This course cost is US$40 and is eligible for 1.5 CPD Points.  

On completion of the course, take the Knowledge Test online, which is graded. Complete the feedback survey and you will then receive your Certificate of Completion.

 On completion of this course, you should be able -

  1. To have an understanding of the Huagdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine)
  2. To have a knowledge of the history and background of this early text
  3. To understand the changes and development and cultural background of the classic text
  4. To have a knowledge of ancient philosophy
  5. To have a knowledge of the early recorded theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.    
Dr Yuan Xiaolin
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