Sarah Budd - Acupuncture & Obstetrics

Acupuncture & Obstetrics

Sarah Budd, has been practicing in acupuncture and midwifery since 1988. She has contributed to acupuncture text books and journals and co authored a UK government report on Complementary Medicine Regulation. She is the first and only acupuncturist midwife in the UK.

In this exclusive lecture she shares her experience and expertise in a gentle and practical manner, alleviating any worries practitioners may have in treating pregnant patients. She walks you through the conditions that may present in pregnancy, showing you how to treat them as well as giving you a list of points forbidden to use in pregnancy. She also gives you advice to enable your patients to help themselves using moxibustion and acupressure.

This course is available for the special price of $80 for a limited time and is eligible for 8 PDA points.

On successful completion of this online course, you will have a knowledge of:

  • Which points are not safe to use during pregnancy.
  • What possible complications that can arise in pregnancy and how to treat them.
  • When it is safe to treat a patient and when to refer a patient to her midwife or doctor for further checks.
  • How to turn breech babies using moxibsution.
  • Which point combinations to use to stimulate the uterus and ease delivery.

Sarah Budd

Cost $80.

Sarah Budd
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