Nanjing University of TCM Welcomes TCM Masters Launch

A Message from President Wu Mianhua, Nanjing University of TCM China.

Nanjing University of TCM President Wu Mianhua

Greetings practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine around the world.

I am Wu Mianhua, the president of Nanjing University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (NUTCM). You are most welcome to Traditional Chinese Medicine Masters, an online platform jointly sponsored by our University and the Acupuncture Foundation, Ireland.

Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion are important components of Traditional Chinese Culture and they have made a very great contribution to the health and development of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Chinese Medicine possesses its own features of viewing the body as a whole, treating diseases based on syndrome differentiation, emphasising the correspondence between man and the universe and applying natural products in treatment. In the 21st century, this medical system has been well accepted by many people throughout the world. 

As one of the oldest universities of Chinese Medicine and the cradle of higher education of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of TCM has long been committed to the success and development of Chinese Medicine. Being a W.H.O. Collaborative Center and an International Acupuncture Training Center affirmed by the Chinese government, our university also holds the task of disseminating Traditional Medicine all over the world. Since the 1950's we have trained more than 10,000 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine students from over 90 countries and regions throughout the world.

The co-operation of our two schools in training European TCM practitioners started in the 1980's. Now the development of online technology offers us more co-ooperation in a new field, an online classroom which will speed the dissemination of TCM knowledge and benefit all TCM enthusiasts in their study of TCM.

We sincerely hope that this online classroom will be appreciated by you, and your suggestions and comments are more than appreciated!

Thank you very much,

President Wu Mianhua

Nanjing University of TCM (NUTCM) China. 

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