Food As Therapy

Welcome to Food As Therapy by Daverick Leggett author of Recipes for Self Healing and Helping Ourselves.

Thank you for choosing this course with TCM Masters. This course covers a day long lecture given earlier on this year.

This course is available for the special price of $80 for a limited time and is eligible for 8 CPD points. 

On successful completion of this online course, you will have a knowledge of:

  • The theory behind Chinese Medicine dietetics and the energetics of food.
  • The Chinese Medicine view of popular diets such as Atkins and Blood Type diets among others.
  • The best approach to help patients with such patterns as Yin and Yang deficiency etc.

You should achieve the learning outcomes listed in this course preview.

Before entering the online classroom, take a minute to read the course introduction and course notes and click on the the lectures parts 1 to 13 as you progress through this online course. You can pause the lecture, logout and re enter at your convenience until completion.

You can also access the accompanying notes for this lecture, by clicking on the notes link.

When you are ready to complete, take the subject knowledge test, complete the feedback survey and a Certificate of completion will be issued to you.


Cost $80.



Please note you are advised to listen to this course with either headphones or speakers.

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