Eight Extra Meridians Giovanni Maciocia


Welcome to Eight Extraordinary Vessels by Giovanni Maciocia, world famous practitioner, visiting professor at Nanjiing University of Chinese Medicine and author of:

  •  Foundations of Chinese Medicine
  •  Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  •  Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  •  Practice of Chinese Medicine (Book and DVD)
  •  Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine
  •  The Psyche in Chinese Medicine
  •  The Channels of Acupuncture


In this online course, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels he shows

  •  How these extraordinary vessels work with Luo and Divergent Channels and Window of Heaven Points to regulate Qi within the body.
  •  How to use your knowledge of the eight extra meridians to improve your pulse diagnosis.
  •  Which channels are better to use on female patients.
  •  Which four pairs of opening points can be used to treat all body based symptoms
  •  Why  you should choose an extra meridian when there is a pathology affecting more than one channel
  •  And much more.

 Cost $60.


 Giovanni Maciocia

Giovanni Maciocia
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